What exactly is The Dreamer Blue? Is that supposed to be you?

Not exactly. The Dreamer Blue is somewhat of a moniker that I use for all my music and artwork as a way to unify my projects. It's not like I go by the name The Dreamer Blue in my daily life, that would be ridiculous. 

How did you get started creating collages?

Gather 'round children. Story time.

I was trying to learn software for video game design and music recording but was becoming overwhelmed with the steep hill between where I wanted to be and where I was now (still climbing this hill). I wanted a quick way to do something creative outside of a computer.  I can't paint or draw so I kept my eyes open for another art medium.

One day, I was  staring at the  album cover for Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness  by The Smashing Pumpkins, as I'm one to do. I admired the surreal elements and the dark yet hopeful feeling it gave me. I searched how the artwork was created and realized it was done by a collage artist (John Craig). A light bulb went off in my head as I realized that collage art might be an awesome thing to try. After work that day, I went to a local antique store and bought several old magazines and books. I then went to a craft store and bought an Exacto knife and some glue and thus my journey began...

What is your process for creating collages?

I don't follow the same process every time I create a collage. Sometimes I plan what I want to make and other times I randomly layout magazine clippings on the floor and hope something comes to mind. Usually, I sort through my box of images I've pulled from magazines and see what inspires me in the moment. I play around with the image and let my brain wonder with the possibilities. I try to emphasis what drew me to the image in the first place and how I can amplify that.

I also listen to music while I create collages. I think this is crucial. Music puts me in the right mood for being a little more in touch with the moment and the images in front of me. It frees me in a sense and makes me feel feelings.

What music do you listen to while you collage?

I tend to listen to indie/alternative music such as Kurt Vile, Future Islands, and  Arcade Fire. I also tend to listen to Jonathon Coulton, and/or The Beatles (my favorite band). I have a collage playlist to set the mood...

When did you start playing music and writing songs?

I was in my high school band so I suppose I started playing then. But I started playing guitar several years after that. I was going through a bit of a rough patch in my life and was tired of sitting around being sad all day. On a whim I went out and bought one of those starter guitar packs - with the little amp, the cheap guitar, and the Learn Guitar Fast DVD. My goal wasn't to become the next Jimi Hendrix but I found joy in learning and even more joy in creating. When I learned a few chords I used those to start writing songs.

Songwriting progressed into wanting to learn how to record the songs. This way, I felt, I could finish them, set them in stone, and move on. Occasionally I would play some of my songs in front of people. I realized it was a cool feeling to have people tell me they liked my songs. It's a hobby I've been trying to improve on and progress to the best of my abilities. 

Any future projects?

I have a few things in mind that I'm excited about. I hope to combine some of my hobbies in new ways. If this works out, I'll post them on this website.

Any other questions? Send  an email!